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Daily digital workspace, clean desktop, and the studio

The tech lab

Much effort ⌨️ and hundreds of hours of work ⌚ spent to create more or less cool and good-looking web picture of a designer business (with no portfolio online, but social networks and the blog only).

Well, everything looks slightly better than it was ten years ago, really❕ And the aim of looking alright hasn’t been greatly achieved 😕 I’ve updated my name in 2015, it’s now Ioffe, Sergey David. However that doesn’t exclude the name as Sergey, and I prefer to use Ieffe instead. If you search (google) for Sergey Ieffe, you’ll see a better web pattern of a business person 🌂 Though I think mainly such UX still looks mixed up, quite unlikable, not charismatic and boring 👎 Looking like a tech (+design) research lab 🥼 mainly. Lacks the website of designer and portfolio for now.

So. I’m getting it done for this brand-name. Another guy of the grid. It’s like a very basic digital marketing and design studio project. yea.