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Do you read at least a half of your e-mail newsletters?


E-mail newsletters are totally awesome. Very convenient, entertaining and effective for so many businesses. People watch, read, share, make leads and even have fun with it.

Brands have to add as many newsletter options as possible like daily, weekly, biweekly, quarterly, etc. and not only time options but differentiate by types and topics of content, maybe create specific themes like various visual styles of advertising, online merchandising and storytelling.

It’s still a long way to this. The majority of websites don’t offer such a variety of choices though. One (two max) options like weekly or smth are accepted norm, sometimes it’s a luck to have more options like topical digests and other times. So many digital marketing budgets of course need new comprehension and optimizations about it. And I’m really an accurate guy about email newsletters, over 90% of all newsletters and promotions will be browsed and read.