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Would you allow yourself being pixel perfect designer to the core

Pixel perfect

Pixels, pixels, pixels. All digital graphics and design. That’s already so boring for many of us. An average user of any age can recognize good or bad UI of an app, website or whatever tv-set menu or anything like that. Users got wiser. They just leave interface design that isn’t ok. Interfaces became quite a little more habitual during a few past years.

There are interfaces that serve daily needs and there are those ones that are made for its exclusive usage like e.g. once in a promo introduction of a new product. 🔊 Say yeah, user experience science became so advanced and accessible that many middle companies are capable of making really nice interfaces for massive usage. It is not a sensation anymore. And it is so common, that even average quality of UX isn’t such a dominating satisfaction factor.

Let’s say, we are to set an awesome balance of what is cool or what’s not. Struggling for perfection isn’t already a prior mission. And haven’t yet been ever, and seems too damn immature. Just wishing not to have it ugly, unusable, unmarketing. Yes is to have it nice, proper, steady, good-looking, sufficient. Those sci-fi ultra-digital interfaces are so mainstream in the movies. I can remember digital designers admired prototyped over-detailed 2D-3D interfaces in the mid 00s on sites like Deviantart, Depthcore, Breedart, etc. That’s also a huge sci-fi trend now again. Hm. This won’t be a surprise if those would come into product use lately. Wouldn’t be much greatly appreciated though I think.

Say, I need it just. That’s all. Great design doesn’t have to be noticeable. And that could be worthy of a note. Like a talented artist, a UI developer must have a feeling and a sense to create the balance that will respond and guide. Pixel perfect – that’s where many make a fatal cycle of no lovelight. Working so stubbornly and precisely and still not having luck and creating double budgets, triple budgets. Not alright. Must see a bird, must have a courageous fortune. If no such – decline, wait for it, get creative again, redesign.



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