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  • The tech lab

    The tech lab

    Hyper reality of the web became a little closer again individually. Whether you work from a cozy desktop at home or corporate office, you are engaged in the toolset of the web search reality. So gonna tell you how it feels.

  • Computer people

    Computer people

    What about “computer love”. Are you still imaginative or idealistic about it sometimes? Digital creator? Having any thrill at all? Possibly almost not.

  • Pixel perfect

    Pixel perfect

    Are you really a fan of the likely perfection of UX design nowadays?Me, not really. Yeah, I know. I’m more a fan of graceful development and overall design which provides the experience as flawless and rather light.

  • Newsletters


    Years of browsing and working related to digital marketing and also web design, development, user experience, digital culture, etc. make me have a definite preference for beautiful email newsletters. It is just awesome and the best.

  • So


    Ever been engaged into SEO. No? Luckily. Most probably elementary optimization seems easy and fun, but the depths of technical SEO are harsh to absurdity.

  • Minimal


    Remember the late 90s webdesigning? There was a cool thing about it. What? No. Web was like crap at all. That’s like for sure. And I say, yes. It was, but web pages were tiny. Like a few kilobytes. All unlike now.

  • What’s typical website lifetime on the web

    What’s typical website lifetime on the web

    Ever wondered what is typical websites lifespan on the web? These websites and social networks take too much time maybe.

  • Buy yourself nikes on your iphone

    Buy yourself nikes on your iphone

    Nike uses augement reality for perfect fit.

  • Create a computer mouse for me

    Create a computer mouse for me

    Third computer mouse went to trash can this year. Old microsoft mouse (favorite) which I used for like ten years ! really, and a crappy one from a shop, and even Microsoft Designer mouse, which I have used for less than two months until click break.

  • Newspaper shirt

    Newspaper shirt

    Dear… do you remember how much time ago you wore something not so casual or even truly unordinary? Yes, the answer most probably is no. And I’m not about joyful side of the fashion philosophy even.

  • Uncool


    Quite unpopular opinion about that ux is somehow secondary. While true maturity of user experience is still a distant dream for so many. Startups just should not focus on that too much maybe.

  • Digital pragmatism

    Digital pragmatism

    Why typical ux is so crappy sometimes, and why local design can surprisingly be so uncool and even like stupid.

  • Know Beeple

    Know Beeple

    If you’re into modern digital art culture you heard about Beeple. I knew about his art for a few years. Would say alright nothing so astonishing, quite middle visuals, pretty a bore, chucklesome sometimes.

  • The glyph | became a web trend

    The glyph | became a web trend

    What is the | text divider that conquered the web in sites titles and other little UI parts. Appeared on so many websites and the most popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, ResearchGate, Snapchat, Forbes, etc. as well.

  • UXer


    User experience and interaction design profession just like got a new name, though that’s not so trendy yet. A short slang word “uxer” has its chance for becoming a major title for huge population of designing professionals.

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