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Sergey's-like daily work desk

About me

Sergey David Ieffe – independent web developer, designer, uxer, blogger, writer from Tel Aviv, Israel. I professionally work on freelance projects, part-time, and also full time since approx year 2005.

My typical company roles are brand specialist, web designer, creative director, developer, etc. I’m also an Artist of Israel (graphics, design, painting).

This blog is a collection of my recent short stories and some exclusive insights. I have some long reads on medium.


My current design/dev portfolio is in progress, meanwhile you can browse my previous one from 2010.


Send message or e-mail me. The contact is working and I reply within a few business days, or faster.

About this website

I won’t add those text motion effects here. And I like these ads below (somehow). This theme is far not a perfection, but it’s kinda fun tweaking it my own way making it a normal looking website. Contact me.